Saturday Round-Up (August 6)

Here are some interesting things I read this week, in no particular order.

Watermelon Seeds. The average American watermelon has hundreds of seeds. And eating them will not make a watermelon grow in your stomach. In fact, they contain vital nutrients including protein.

The Danger of Gospel-Centered Behaviorism. Legalism can easily morph into a better grade of legalism. Gospel-centered living can be tainted by pride. (And I am a proud person.)

Not Every Day Will Be EPIC (and that's OK). To be a hero, we don't need to hit homeruns, climb Mount Everest, pull in a ginormous paycheck, or stop bad guys. "A life of faith is the greatest adventure this world has to offer. Period."

Titus 2 Is Not Just a Woman's To-Do List. First, BE. Then, RECEIVE. Finally, you are ready to DO.

image courtesy of Kecko via Flickr
Physics and Crop Circles.  Apparently, the crop circle phenomenon is growing worldwide. Who knew? Oh, yeah. The aliens.

NASA Tracks Drought in Northeast Africa. "Northeast Africa continues to reel from the effects of the worst drought to strike the region in decades. The arid conditions are contributing to famines that the U.S. Department of State says are affecting more than 11.5 million people, particularly in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti."

What to Expect This School Year. Successes, failures, teachable moments, conflict, and an end.

6 Characteristics of Spiritual Leadership.  Humility, Diversification, Mutual Helpfulness, Strength, Benefit to God's people, Surrender to God's Sovereign Guidance. From John Piper, in 1981.

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