Why I Like Jews for Jesus

Being a Jewish believer in Jesus, I get a lot of questions from friends about things related to Judaism and being Jewish (note that those 2 things are quite different), like:
  • How can I share my faith with my Jewish neighbor?
  • Would you help us with our Small Group's Passover celebration?
  • How do Jews justify not offering sacrifices today? (That one came over a text. Really?)
  • How did your family react to you becoming a Christian?
  • Why do Christians follow some Old Testament laws but not others? (I think that one came by text, too.)
  • Where can I get some good books and other resources?

A friend introduced me to Jews for Jesus soon after I started following Jesus. I signed up for their newsletter, which I still enjoy reading. One particular part that I enjoy is the stories from missionaries all of the world.

I buy a lot of books and other resources from them, whose online site is called Purple Pomegranate Productions. I don't know why it's called that. Are the initials "PPP" the Jewish antithesis to the Mark of the Beast (666)? I really don't care. All that matters is they sold me my favorite shirt, which says, "Jesus Made Me Kosher." You get a lot of looks and comments by wearing this around town, including when I once wore it to a BBQ place in Greenville. I couldn't figure out why everyone was staring at me, until I realized what shirt I wore that day.

More seriously, they also sell a great assortment of books and children's materials.

I've never supported Jews for Jesus with monthly donations, but we donate at least once per year. Plus, whenever I order materials, I usually add on an extra donation to the final order.

If you are in need of articles, books, or other Jewish-related materials, you definitely want to check out Jesus for Jesus.

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  1. http://www.jewsforjesus.org/about/fortlauderdale

    10% of all Jews in the world live in South Florida.

  2. Thanks for the link. I think the 10% is a little high, but not by much. The link says there are 750,000 Jews in South Florida, which would mean there are about 7.5 million Jews in the world.

    It's difficult to measure this exactly, depending on who's counting and what criteria are used, but many estimates give a total number of Jews as 13 million. This would make the percentage living in South Florida at around 6%. Still a very large concentration.

    Either way -- whether there are 8 million or 13 million Jews -- what's really shocking is that 6 million were killed in the Holocaust.