9 Chosen Reasons Why I Love Jewish People

I really hope I don't get in trouble for this post.
  1. I am Jewish.  That's enough of a reason.  Not only did I go to Hebrew private school for 4 years in New Jersey, and not only did I become a Bar Mitzvah (= "Son of the Commandment") and get lots of gifts at age 13, I also was circumcised at 8 days old.  By a rabbi.  In my grandparents' apartment.
  2. All 3 of my kids are, too.  But not Joanna.  Hey, nobody's perfect.
  3. Being one of "God's chosen people." Yeah, it's cool to say that.  Except then God reminds me that His people were not chosen just to receive a blessing, but to serve and be a light for Him.
  4. Being able to make Jewish jokes, like in this particular Seinfeld episode. I'm known for being cheap, or "thrifty," if you will.
  5. Humor + talent = great potential for pranks.  Check out this great political plank.  Apparently, it was just recently discovered that Israeli engineers constructed a Star of David on a building at the Tehran, Iran airport. I was skeptical of whether it was true, but I used Google Earth to confirm it.
  6. God's grace.  Over 10 years ago, a friend and pastor heard a Jewish Christian talk about how, like Paul, he wishes he could trade his salvation for the sake of all non-believing Jews (Romans 9:3-4).  I remember thinking that I didn't have this same love for other Jews; I would in no way give up my salvation.  The advice from my friend?  "Pray and ask God to give you that love."  And God answered my request.  Now, I can honestly and tearfully say that if it were possible, I would trade my place in heaven for the sake of my people.
  7. Hanukkah.  I love to celebrate Hanukkah as a family, playing dreidel, saying the prayers, and lighting the menorah. (And Passover is another favorite.)
  8. Willingness to state and debate perspectives.  Debate is common among most Jewish folks, especially Rabbis and other teachers.  The great part is that it's not taken personally or with a grudge; we give opinions, disagree, and move on (usually with a meal).  For me, I learn by thinking out loud, especially with others.  And it's why I'm not afraid to write about A Different Way.
  9. Cheesy humor + theology = the following video.   Of course the video doesn't really tell my story, since when I explored who Jesus was and what He did, it led me to the conclusion that Jesus is the Messiah that God promised long ago.  But this video is clever nonetheless.  (By the way, "Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha'olam" means "Blessed are You O LORD Our God, Ruler of the Universe," and is how Jewish prayers typically begin.)


  1. Three thoughts:

    1. i think it's funny that there's a blue eyed, blonde haired baby celebrating her Jewish heritage. or was she just enjoying the concert?

    2. where do you find lox in fairfax county?

    3. i can't remember what my third thought was because I'm too busy laughing at my first two thoughts.

  2. 1. Have you seen our own Elijah?
    2. I don't care. Lox is gross.
    3. I do the same thing. I'm the funniest guy I know.

  3. If you believe in Jesus as a Savior, you are NOT a Jew. Sorry.

  4. I hope that you check back on this comment, because I'd love to know why you think that.

  5. Hello! I found you from Redeemed reader. What a great blog. God bless you!