Dysfunction Among Disney Families

I bet over 90% of the readers of this blog have some sort of dysfunction in their families, whether divorce, crime, abandonment, or whatever.  Everyone has a story; it's just that most of us are "good" at covering it up.

Well, it's good to know that things are the same even in the "happy" world of Disney.  Here is a social worker's perspective of Disney characters.  My top five favorites, in order:
  1. Snow White (Snow White & the 7 Dwarves) – dead mother, raised by abusive stepmother and neglectful father
  2. Bambi (Bambi) – raised by single mother who is murdered, has never met his absent father
  3. Elliot (Pete’s Dragon) – orphaned, runaway from abusive foster parents, adopted by single mother
  4. Simba (The Lion King) – father murdered by uncle, raised by 2-male heads of household (meerkat and warthog)
  5. Nemo (Finding Nemo) – dead mother, raised by single overprotective father

Which on the list do you particularly like (not in a morbid way, of course)?

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