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If you are new to this blog, here's a general overview of what this community is about:

Who:  This blog is particularly intended for parents and other leaders of children, especially those who enjoy hearing and giving different viewpoints.  Learn more in Why "A Different Way"? and Who Should Read This Blog?

What:  The purpose of this blog is to foster thoughts and discussion about equipping the next generation. I want to do this by offering:
  1. Theology and resources for spiritual formation, to help you grow. You cannot lead others unless you are going in the same direction yourself. 
  2. Personal stories from my own family. While every family is different, I of course know mine best. As best I can, I include stories from other families as well, to give a broader spectrum, such as in Questions for a Santa Family.
  3. Experiences gained from my own time working as a children's pastor. You can start with How Churches Can Fall Short.
  4. Tools, links, and resources that I come across. However, my goal is not to keep up with other sites that offer these. There are some really great ones out there that have helped me a bunch, but my purpose is to help others go beyond mere "tips." We have to address the heart.
  5. Tie in to the Gospel. Above all, we must remember that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. No amount of wisdom or strategy (however useful) and overcome the biggest issue in our lives, and in the lives of our children -- sin. Trusting in the Gospel, instead of ourselves, will be the foundation of all deep and lasting change and meaning. Read about Biblical Parenting vs Gospel Parenting.

Why:  What do I want to see happen, through the local church, through this blog, and through so many other resources? 
  1. Parents and other leaders are growing in Christ, not just "doing better," but learning to depend on Him more and more.
  2. The next generation is being equipped to know, trust in, and follow Christ.  We have a great opportunity to be Evangelizing the Next Generation.

Questions or thoughts?  You can leave a comment here or on any post, or email me.

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