Subscribing To and Sharing This Blog

image courtesy of Cara Photography via flickr
Did you know that you can get regular updates whenever the blog is updated? For the blogs that I follow, I have found this technique easier than just bookmarking sites and trying to remember to check that site. You have two easy ways to do this:
  1. To the right, you should see the heading "Stay Connected via Email." Type your email address in the box underneath, and you should soon get a confirmation email. You will need to click on the link in the confirmation email. If you do not see the email, check your spam and/or try again. I have especially noticed that users with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts tend to have issues with this. (By the way, you should know that your email address really says a lot about you.) You will get an email once per day, only if the blog is updated. And you will never have to worry that I will sell or give away your email with your permission.
  2. If you use a RSS Feed like Google Reader, you can use the "Subscribe To Posts" gadget. I like using Reader because I can get a lot of feeds without cluttering my email inbox.

If you like a particular post, please share it with others! You can easily forward it by your email or RSS feed if you subscribe that way. Or, you may have noticed the following buttons under each post:

Each of these buttons gives you an easy way to share posts via (in order): Email, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and Buzz. If you use any of these social media, try these buttons out by sharing one of your favorite posts now.

If you have any issues with subscribing to or sharing posts, please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email.


  1. I loved the "what your email says about you" bit. :)

  2. Of course you do, Sara. You have a gmail account.