Easter Memories

Here are four things that made our Easter weekend enjoyable and meaningful:
  1. Worship at Grace Church on Saturday night. Great teaching from Luke 24, saw 10 people follow Jesus in baptism. We knew 9 of those folks (6 kids and 3 adults), and went to a celebration party for 3 of them afterward.
  2. Cut grass on Sunday morning. Not typical Easter behavior, but it was well overdue. I'm sure my neighbors appreciated it. Then, right before lunch, took the kids to the store to by some discounted chocolate bunnies.
  3. Watched Joanna and kids make "Resurrection Rolls" (see picture above). Marshmallow (representing Jesus), butter (oils), cinnamon and sugar (the embalming spices), and dough (burial cloth). Put in oven (tomb) for a few minutes, and the rolls are empty inside. Apparently, our friends the Osborns had the same idea (and she gives more detailed instructions).
  4. Elijah showed me his Easter scenes made from Legos. He got this idea from seeing pictures from some friends on Facebook, plus a site about Bible stories with Legos. Love his mind!

Jesus (front left) and Barabbas before Pilate. Crowd behind them.

Jesus being tortured.

On the cross. Colorful cross.

    The empty tomb, with the angel standing over it.

    All together.

    What was special about your Easter? 

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      1. I love E! Those Lego scenes were great. Best part - the angel.

        I loved the Good Friday service with North Hills. It was great getting to see you guys on Saturday night and then get to see a former and current high schooler get baptized Sunday morning. Then I spent the day at the Cavins - lunch, wiffle ball, and a bullpen session with Mac. A great Easter weekend.

      2. Great to see you, too!

        Hey, if you still have your softball skills, I know a team that could use some players . . .

      3. We made Easter biscuits on Good Friday (very similar to the Resurrection Rolls) then made Resurrection Cookies on Saturday night. Here's a recipe for them with the devotional: http://www.iccreligiouseducation.com/easter.cfm?subpage=309406
        Many of the elements remindeed me of the Passover Seder. Of course I think the baptisms were the highlight of my weekend, but it was great to be together with my extended family at my Gran's house, as well. I love Easter!