Kids Are Not That Different

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I know that I write a lot about attitude, behavior, and other issues that I see at the Boys & Girls Club, such as with illiteracy and disrespect. But God continually reminds me (and I want to make sure you know) that we see the same basic issues in our own kids. This truth makes sense if sin is an innate reality, which it is. 

In what ways do we see this likeness between kids in Allendale and kids in Greenville (like our own)?
  • Talking when they should be listening? Yes.
  • Responding to unkindness with anger? Check.
  • Often responding with physical aggression and hitting? Yeppers.
  • Ignoring my directions the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ..., and 83rd time I repeat them. You bet.
  • Taking stuff that doesn’t belong to them? No doubt.
  • Running around crazy when they should be sitting still? Oh, yeah.
  • Pouting and whining when they don’t get their way? For sure.

The difference is often the extreme that these behaviors and attitudes go to, and how quickly we as parents can reassert our authority. But there is no doubting that my kids need training and the Gospel as much as anyone. 

And, of course, as a leader I need training and the Gospel even more.

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