Poll: What Was Your Favorite Subject in School?

image courtesy of arroclint via sxc.hu
This year already, I have posted about a dozen times articles that touch on education. I plan to write a lot more, too. Whereas the previous articles mostly dealt with educational choices, I have been wanting to write about gender-related issues in education. I have had an idea in my head that I will lead with, hopefully in a week or two. [Edit: Here is the post about Women & STEM.] And I've read a number of articles about issues of girls and boys in school, that I think are interesting.

I think education has been particularly on my mind because of the nature of my work, at the Boys & Girls Club, in Allendale County. I see so many children struggling with school, such as this boy, but I know that education isn't just a struggle and a need in this area. It should be a concern for all of us.

For now, I'd like some information about YOU. Think back to when you were in school (high school or college). What was your favorite subject? Please give your answer by taking the poll to the right.

**Please note that the poll is divided up by gender.

Edit: Here are the results.


  1. PE all the way!! Followed by Math, Science and Economics!

  2. I had to pick History/Social Studies, because it seemed the closest to my genuine favorite, Psychology. I'm 100% sure it was because of the teacher more than the subject matter, but you didn't ask WHY it was a favorite.

  3. That's a great point Terri. I did not factor that in to the question. Maybe another time . . .