Leadership: Being Pulled and Pulling Others

Dale Hudson, in this article, talks about our need to be pulled along by another leader, and to pull along someone else to develop them as a leader. We need both aspects in our ministry and lives.

"To be a balanced, growing, impacting leader, you should be pulling others up while being pulled up yourself."

He gives practical ways that you can do both of these things, and since each reader of this blog is a leader, I encourage you to read his article.

I have seen that one area that churches, particularly in Children's Ministry, need to focus on is leadership development. For the long-term, we cannot focus solely on the children; rather, we need to help equip and develop the leaders who are over them.

Additionally, and I have learned this more and more over the past few years, those times that I feel most drained and stagnant are when I fail to allow someone to lead and pull me. It's an area that I've been missing (for the most part) over the past few months, as I've been living in Allendale. While God has been working to provide us with some elements of community, I have been missing community that I have received through my family, my work (I had been a part of a team while on the staff at Grace Church), and my friends.

I'm thankful to a God who continually reminds me that I am created to live in community!

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