Baptisms and Testimonies from Easter Weekend

We worshiped this past weekend on Saturday night, partly to rest on Sunday, and partly because we knew 9 of the 10 people who were baptized at that service (see photos here). For the entire weekend, there were 44 people who were baptized at Grace Church. I love that we can watch and listen to testimonies from all these folks on our Pastors Blog.

But I love even more being able to praise our Lord for how He has worked in each of their lives, like He worked in mine. Here are some excerpts of how the gospel is changing their lives:

I understand that I'm a sinner and that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
He [Jesus] loves me even though I sin.
I know that I'm a sinner, and that God is the only one that can save me from my sins.
Last summer, I realized really how sinful I was and that I really wanted Christ to be a big part of me.
It is only because His grace and mercy . . . that we can even come close to getting into Heaven.
In my mind, I wasn't a Christian unless I kept those rules. I spent much of life trying to figure out how I can bend those rules and still be a Christian. Or I'd break those rules and think, "Oh, no. I'm no longer a Christian."
It [baptism] doesn't really have anything to do with me, but it is about Christ and what He has done for me.
There's just nothing I can do to change my life. . . . I was extremely broken and thought I had it all together. I was good and I was leading a good life. I realized that it was all a facade.
From that point on, it became a long process of Him chipping at my heart.
I want to be baptized because that's what Jesus did, and I want to be like Him.
I want to be baptized because of what Jesus Christ has done for me, and I want to follow Him, and I want everyone to know it.
I want to be baptized to show that I've died to sin, and raised to a new life in the Holy Spirit.
God has continued to forgive me. . . I know that God's forgiveness will always be there.
I want to be baptized because God is working in my life. . . . I'm not living for me anymore; I'm living for Christ.
God is the only one that can save me from my brokenness and fulfill my deepest needs.

Here is a video of some of the testimonies, but check out the Grace Pastors Blog for all the videos:

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