Vacation Bible School

It's almost that time of the year again, when most churches are gearing up for Vacation Bible School (VBS).  Here is some reading about this event: 
  1. Read this post from last year that explains why I wasn't a big fan of our church having VBS.  
  2. According to this article, VBS started in 1894.  It lasted 4 weeks(!), and the purpose was to teach the Bible to students who normally didn't regularly attend church.  Nowadays, most churches "mainly draw kids from other churches and the children of workers." 
  3. On a lighter side, check out a post from Jon Acuff about VBS, on Stuff Christians Like
  4. From Growing Kids Ministry, here's another churches take on why they are not doing VBS. 

In rural and impoverished area like Allendale, I see a big value in events like this, if nothing but to give kids a chance to do something. But I believe that even in this, we must pursue it in the context of meaningful relationships.

    What do you think about VBS events in your area?

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