Bible Stories with Legos

For the last couple months of 2010, our dining room table was a massive Lego table. It was great to watch our kids play for hours at a time, having their imaginations stretched.

Ever-wanting to spiritualize things, before Christmas I told them that half of the table had to be dedicated to making a scene of Bethlehem. They did great -- making a stable and a manger, setting up shepherds and angels. I was so proud of myself for this idea.

But we did not go the extreme of these 10 Disturbingly Violent Biblical Stories Depicted with Legos. These are very creative, and mostly accurate (there is only so much you can do with Legos, and a few of the accounts distort the truth somewhat). My favorite is number 8, but maybe that's just because I am Jewish. (Obviously, some of these are definitely drastic, so you might want to check them out before showing them to your young kids.)

David Collects and Delivers Philistine Foreskins

Here is another one that my son Elijah enjoyed:

Canaanite Kings Executed

And another one from The Brick Testament (I think there are several thousand pictures at that site); Sender loved this one:

The Dragon Chained and Thrown in the Abyss

(And speaking of Elijah, he has now read his The Action Bible at least 5 times all the way through. Not only that, he is retaining what he reads, even hearing a verse in a song, and knowing that it was Paul writing to Timothy. I talk about it in my post on Recommended Children's Bibles.)

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  1. Wow! Love this! The favorite here is Ehud kills Eglon as we just read that in Action Bible...hidden weapons, fat man, killing, and smells like he went to the bathroom...E and T were drawn in completely! Thanks so much for sharing this!