Children Discipling Parents

I've been saying the same thing for a couple of years now (it's always been a topic that I brought up when doing baby dedications), but Dale Hudson articulated this extremely well in an article called Children Discipling Parents.

We normally think that Biblical parenting is about God using us to shepherd our children, and we would be correct. However, God is just as purposeful for using our own children to expose our hearts and help us worship Him more.

Want some examples?
  • I get frustrated when one of my child is too "busy" or distracted to talk with me when I try to engage him in conversation. Then God reminds me of my tendency to not take time to listen to and talk with Him.
  • My kids whine and complain, and they fail to be grateful. I am sick and tired of them thinking they deserve so much. I don't deserve to be taken for granted. I deserve respect. I deserve. . . 
  • I am amazed to near laughter when my child gets upset when his sibling takes something from him. After all, it is just a piece of candy (or Lego piece, or whatever). But then God reminds me of my recent selfishness.
  • My child would rather ignore or at least dawdle with her responsibilities, wanting to daydream or just enjoy some leisure time. Well, the apple doesn't fall too fall from the tree.

If you work or serve in a church setting, I encourage you to read Dale's full article, to gather some ideas of how to reach parents through child-oriented events and programming.

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  1. This is so true! The very heart/sin issue I get most frustrated with in them is my heart issue. Thankfully, I get to model preaching the Gospel to myself for them, but I would venture to say often times they respond and repent more quickly than I. I've given them the permission to tell me when they think I may be out of line by stating, "I think we should pray." It's very humbling.