Talking to Your Kids about the Sermon

This article seems to be written for parents who a part of churches that have families be together for worship (as opposed to separate Children's and Student Ministries). However, I think the principles can apply in other situations as well, such as helping you engage what your kids are learning in their programming, or for your own family devotions.

Here are the 8 principles the author discusses:
  1. Remember the outline.
  2. Know the one, main point.
  3. How is Jesus the hero?
  4. Engage your kids with open-ended questions.
  5. Make sure the gospel is clear.
  6. Be the first to pray and confess.
  7. Chase rabbit trails.
  8. Remember that our kids retain and understand more than we think they do.

Along these lines, one of the biggest things that has helped me is to tell stories and use real-life situations to help drive the point home. As much as we can, we should role-play situations before children are in them, and ask them how they should react. We need to take biblical principles and lead our children into application.

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