On Mondays through Thursdays at the Boys & Girls Club, we start out the afternoons doing Power Hour, which is our homework time. More often than not, we hear, “I don’t have any homework.” The members know (at least we’ve said it many, many times) that if they don’t have any homework, they should pull out a book to read. Sometimes, if they are goofing off, we may assign a short essay or book report.

Recently, to enrich their experience, I had the older students (4th – 8th grade) write haikus. Every child had to write two before they could go out to play. A haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that has three lines; the first and last line has 5 syllables and the middle line has 7. The poem can be about any topic, and does not need to rhyme. 

Here was the example I gave the class:
Summer. It is hot 
and sweltering. Allendale 
summers are not cool.

Some kids got the concept right off the bat, and some needed reminders about syllables. Some were not too bad for their first time, but some were really good.  Let me share some of my favorites.

The boys and girls are 
at home eating mac and cheese 
with me and my fams.  (J.J.)

I love to play games 
like kickball, baseball, stepping. 
We have so much fun.  (K.J.)

Moose are very big 
and slow. They can eat a lot. 
They live in Yukon.  (A.B.)

Baseball is a sport. 
Balls make me very happy. 
I really like it.  (R.P.)

Winter has cold days. 
Sometimes it snows in Fairfax 
but not very much.  (T.J.)

I like sports better 
than staying home because it 
is boring at home.  (K.S.)

I like the boys and 
girls club. I will respect my 
leaders and my mom.  (Z.J.)

Care to give it a shot?  Leave your best haiku in the comments. 

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  1. Joey is really cool
    i will eat all my sandwhich
    thank you mr. joey

  2. TJ -- you did 6 syllables, 7, then 6. It's 5/7/5.

    But I like your relevance and creativity.