Who Should Read This Blog?

I couldn't help but laugh when she said it.  Not just a smirk or chuckle, but the "you-are-either-crazy-or-stupid" type laugh where the other person feels completely dismissed.  I had asked a friend of mine to head up a project that needed to get done.  I was asking her for a lot of her time and energy, and there were other people who could have done it, but I believed that she was the perfect person for this task.  When I finished asking her to do this, she said, "You don't have to ask me to do this just to make me feel good." 

That's when I laughed in her face.

Then I asked her, "For the 10 years that I've known you and your husband, have you ever known me to go out of my way to make others feel good?"  She knew it was true; I was never really known as the smooth-talking politician or salesman.  I say and do things because I feel they are right, even when I'm wrong. 

In what I will write on this blog, I may say a lot of things that just aren't correct, and I will definitely say things that are at least questionable.  But above all, my goal is to see lives changed for the sake of Jesus Christ.  More specifically, I want to see children, and those who lead them, become mature followers of Jesus, to know, grow in, and commit their lives to the Savior of the world.

So, this blog is not for everyone.  And my goal isn't to make anyone feel good about themselves.  But these are the types of people that I would love to dialogue with:
  1. Parents who want to see their kids know, grow in, and live for Christ;
  2. Church staff who want to make disciples of both adults and kids, and to see God's kingdom grow;
  3. Children's and Youth Ministry volunteers who desire to reach the hearts of the next generation;
  4. People who just enjoy debate and challenging biases, others' and their own.  One of the most energizing and life-giving things I can hear is, "I don't agree with you, and here's why."  (Of course, it also makes me feel good if you say you agree with me.)

    I hope this can be a forum for us to think, to challenge, and to discuss.  And I'll try not to laugh in your face.

    Leave a comment and let me know which of those four categories (parent, staff, volunteer, debater) you're in.  

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    1. I am a mommy, with a lot to learn and a lot of growing to do. I also hope in time to be a church volunteer, and I often am a debater! :)

    2. Thanks, Amy. I hope this community can help you in those 3 areas!