HOPE Relay

I'll be running in a relay today, my first-ever road race.  It's the first annual HOPE Relay, sponsored by the HOPE Foundation, which works with children who have autism.  Our 5-member team is the "BunchaNancies!" and we'll cover about 42 miles, starting at 10:30AM on Paris Mountain.  Since I'm not a runner, I was slick enough to put the team together, and then claim the shortest legs (3.6 miles and 2.5 miles).  Joanna and Hannah will be volunteering -- kinda' ironic that they have to be there earlier than I do, and that they'll be doing more work than I will.

Why is this event and cause important to us?
  • Often people who have disabilities get overlooked, devalued, and even shunned.  But we believe that each person, each child, is created in God's image, with infinite value -- valuable enough that God sent His Son to die for each of us.  Read more thoughts from our church here.
  • Joanna's nephew Nick, has Aspberger's syndrome.  I'll be running in his honor.
  • My grandmother taught special needs for a long-time, and some of that love has been passed down to me.
  • We have many friends who have children with a variety of special needs.  We want to support them in their journey.

If you want to learn more about why and how we should minister to children with special needs, see the label "special needs" on this blog (Grace Church currently ministers to at least 20 children who have special needs).  Furthermore, any church looking for more resources in this area should check out The Inclusive Church blog.

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