8 Resources (+1 bonus) for Parenting Daughters

Here is a list of articles and resources that could be helpful for those of us who have daughters.  Most of these are geared towards dads, but the principles hold true.
  1. Daddies and Their Daughters.  "A daughter will view her relationship with her Heavenly Father in a similar way as she views her relationship with her earthly father."
  2. Homemaker Internship.  My thoughts about an article I read, especially about how we need to teach our daughter Hannah skills for life. 
  3. What I've Learned About Raising Daughters.   "I do most of the teaching.  My wife does all of the modeling."  And transformation is accomplished through repentance and by Jesus' power.
  4. 5 Books for Dads of Daughters.  Actually, there is a 6th book, recommended in the comment section.
  5. Girl Talk.  A blog that gives "conversations on biblical womanhood and other fun stuff."
  6. A Man and His Daughter.  Put together a group of guys, listen to the podcasts, and discuss.
  7. What Does Your Daughter Really Want?  Love, Time, Communication, Understanding, Trust.
  8. Giving Your Daughter Support.  "That's what moms do -- one hug and she can make your forget, at least for a little bit, how bad you feel." 

Not only these, but staff at Grace Church has been working on a language for Biblical femininity.  The curriculum is still in the early stages (you can read about some of the earliest language that was introduced to high schoolers over a year ago, but it has been much revised since).  Joanna has had the blessing to be in on a few of the early discussion groups, including a study over the past 6 weeks.  From what I've learned so far from the work so far, women (at the core) have the capacity to be nurturing, inviting, and in partnership.  I won't unpack these three categories here, but I will say that I like the use of the word "capacity."  In science, a capacitor is something that stores and has potential for energy.  It doesn't mean that all women have equal amounts of these capacities, and it doesn't mean that men don't have the potential for these things.  But I think it does mean that, in general, women are given by the Creator a huge potential to add energy and life to those around them in these three areas.  (Conversely, this power can be abused to rob others of energy and life.)  I'm excited to have this language for our own personal benefit, and for us to consider how we teach this to the next generation.

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