Hannah's Birthday

Accessorized: Braces & Clip-On Earrings
Our "little girl" is 10 today. She was actually due on September 16th, but came 9 days late. I lost a bet on that, having to buy someone lunch. See? She was costing me right off the bat.

That she was late seems to fit her personality. I bet she was busy talking, or day-dreaming. At least, that's why she is so pokey now.

Tasks? Who's got time and focus for them, when there is so much to dream about and create!

That's what we love about her. She loves to make things beautiful, like outfits with as many different bright colors as possible.

Over the next few years, she will be entering into a new phase. She will go through changes and challenges -- physically, socially, emotionally, and even spiritually. And our role is to be there ahead of her (proactive leadership) and with her (encouraging her in Christ).

Last weekend, Hannah and Joanna went away for a 1-night girls-only trip to Charleston. Besides just having fun, they also talked about some of these upcoming changes.

A great resource that my wife used is called The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls. Created by American Girl (which already has a huge fan in Hannah), this book facilitated discussion between my wife and daughter. Health topics are covered without reference to sexuality. It's a great resource for parents of young (preteen) girls.

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  1. Thanks, Joey, for the resource recommendation! It's time for our talk, too. Tell Hannah, "Happy Birthday!" from us!

  2. thanks for the resource... we will check this out for sure.
    Do you happen to have any recommendations of books regarding raising girls in a Christian home?

  3. Lydia -- we haven't really used anything that are girl-specific. Mostly, we've used books like Shepherding a Child's Heart, Age of Opportunity, Big Truths for Young Hearts, and such. Those books lay great foundational principles.

    Let me post this on Facebook and see if we can get anyone else to comment with suggestions. It's a really good question you have.

  4. Thanks, Joey. I will look for these as well. I really enjoy reading your blog. I think of you and Joanna often. Thank you for the work you are doing with young people.

  5. Joey, I'm glad you are 3 years ahead on this. Figure it out and let me know what to do.

    A few guys and I are reading Raising a modern day princess. It has good info but it has moms in mind as it's audience so it hasn't really resonated with us. My favorite girl specific book on daughters for dads is strong fathers, strong daughters. Written by an MD it is not Christian per se but it had some great nut and bolts ideas for dads.

  6. Thanks, Lydia. I know that I have "Shepherding a Child's Heart" linked as a recommended book on this blog, and I think Age of Opportunity, too. You could search in box that's in the right column.

    Someone on FB left a comment about "Bringing Up Girls" by Dobson. I have it but haven't read it yet.

  7. Rob --

    Just learn from my mistakes, and you'll be fine.

    "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters" is another book I bought but haven't read yet. (I'm sensing a trend here; I need to do less purchasing and more reading.)

  8. These are resources I will check out! Thanks!