Flashback: Frustrated with School Work

I wrote a post a few months ago, about children being Frustrated with School Work. Since we've started a new school year, I figured it was worth a reminder to check it out.

Here's an excerpt:
"My child's grades, efforts, and behaviors are visible, so it's easy for me to focus on those. However, what's more important is her heart. There is a spiritual battle for her heart and soul. The external behaviors are merely tools that help me discern what's in her heart.

We need to remind our kids (and remember for ourselves) that our purpose must be to honor God in all that we do. The goal is not perfection. The goal is to find rest in Jesus (Matthew 11:28). Since we have peace with God through Jesus (Romans 5:1-2), why should we strive for worldly perfection?"

Anyone else have a child who struggles in this area?

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