Saturday Round-Up (September 24)

It was a good week. Maybe that's because I only had to work 4 days. Maybe that's because my in-laws are in town (free meals!). And maybe it's because it's my daughter's birthday weekend (see tomorrow's post). And there were a slew of good articles (and 2 videos) I came across. Here they are, this time in order of how much I liked them. I think you'll like one or more, too.

The Difference Between Parenting and Making Disciples. Since I've read this, I've been thinking about my kids not in the context of "parenting," but in the perspective of "making disciples." The same holds true for how we can equip other parents to make disciples of their kids.

Bikers and Innocent Couples. I showed this video to my kids, to illustrate the principle of "don't judge a book by its cover." This has become more real to them, since (by their skin tone) in the vast minority in Allendale.

Did You Marry the Wrong Person? Yes, and you should thank God for that.

Power Corrupts, Especially When It Lacks Status.  "The experience of having power without status, whether as a member of the military or a college student participating in an experiment, may be a catalyst for producing demeaning behaviors that can destroy relationships and impede goodwill."

How Devoted Moms Buffer Kids in Poverty.  A good mom can make all the difference.

I Used to Think (Rap). "I was a wealthy man if I had one or two bucks."

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