Saturday Round-Up (September 17)

Some more great articles. But first, since I'm an good at math and a I'm a strong analyzer, what does this comic say about my creativity level? Beh, I don't care.

Engaging Muslims.  “We need an accurate and discerning look at the Muslim world,” Boyd said. “One size does not fit all.”

The Gateway Gospel vs. the Pathway Gospel.  Too often, I think that the gospel-centered life is about having to jump through hoops. I need to remember that it's more about the path of life. 

Fun time at the beach last month
50 Rules for Dads of Daughters.  Great tips. 

Homeschool Blindspots.  Stern warnings for homeschoolers like me. I can see myself already having falling prey to several of these errors. 

Is Spanking Your Child Ultimately Unbiblical?  Amazing things can happen when you abuse and misapply inductive Bible study. Like you equate the same context for punishing lawbreakers and disciplining children.

Children Are a Blessing from God -- All Children.  A good word concerning for how we need to perceive children that are disabled.

Fathers' Testosterone Drops Steeply After Baby Arrives.  The human male's biology is hardwired to change in order to meet the demands of having a newborn.

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