Is My Child a Christian?

How do we know if a child, who has "all the right answers," is a Christian? Where does it move from him being able to recite the truth of the gospel, to him being truly regenerate?

There is no simple answer to these questions. It is a matter that we struggled with for years with our daughter, and which we are still praying about with our older son. How I wish there was a simple formula!

The matter came to a conclusion in the fall of 2008, when she came to us every night for a week in tears, confessing something she had done wrong. Each incident was unsolicited by us (and her actions were mostly unknown to us, until she spoke up). We believed that it was the Holy Spirit's work on her heart.

Watch a short segment from this video, from 18:20 - 20:15 --

I like the idea of asking, "What has God told you?" If there is a true relationship, there will be conversation. God will speak, and we will hear.

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