7 Differences Between Galilee and Judea

My kids have been studying ancient Rome in school. This has led to some discussions about the nation of Israel around the time of Jesus. Additionally, my reading through the New Testament brought up some questions about the context of many events.

So I am glad I came across this resource, 7 Differences Between Galilee and Judea in the Time of Jesus. In a commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, R.T. France notes that we must remember that "the Jews" cannot be lumped in a single category, any more than Irish and English can be lumped as "British," or how a Texan and New Yorker would share "American" customs.

After understanding seven key differences between Jews from Galilee and those from Judea, one will have a greater appreciation for the prejudice Jesus the Nazarene (from Galilee) faced when He encountered the religious Jews from Judea, who considered themselves spiritually superior.

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  1. I'm currently reading through the Gospel of Matthew with my Sunday morning Bible class. I found this link to the article very helpful in furthering my understanding of the times in which Jesus lived on Earth. Thank you.