6 Truths About Parenting That You Never Believed, Until You Had Your Own Kids

Context is everything, even for what we believe in.
  1. Birth order makes a difference. (And maybe if they were born early, on-time, or late?)
  2. You will parent exactly like you were parented.
  3. You will parent exactly opposite of how you were parented.
  4. TV is a valid babysitter. (Yes, I know this is a dangerous trend.)
  5. How physically exhausting it is when your kids are young.
  6. How emotionally exhausting it is when your kids are older.

Anything else you can add? What didn't you believe was true about parenting until you became a parent?

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  1. i love a good list and have been mentally adding to yours for 2 weeks now:

    7. "I'm going to the bathroom" is not a statement, but an invitation.
    8. You will covet minivans.
    9. You will sometimes find it hard to like your kids.
    10. Your kids are the funniest, cutest and quirkiest kids. Ever.
    11. Your sinfulness will be exposed more than you ever thought possible.

  2. Who is that saying #7? The kids or the grown-ups.

  3. You will find it easier than ever to clean another human being's bodily secretions.

    There are times when the word Mommy, said by your beloved offspring, will make you want to shove a fork into your eye socket. Or both.

    Spankings don't always work on every kid.

    You can spend hours under a blanket with a warm child by your side, just because you don't want to let go.

    Your children can cut you with their words.

    Giving birth is easy. It's what comes next that's hard.

  4. Molly -- totally love #9 & 11.

    Beth -- thanks for adding these! And yes, I never understood your first one before I was a parent. I realized I was a "real" parent when I would rather catch Hannnah's spit up in my hand than let her spit up on YET ANOTHER outfit that I'd have to change.

  5. Bathroom is also nightmare for eldest sibling especially if female of family of more then 3 children. As if mommy or big sissy are in bathroom ya know every 2-4 yr old in house wants to be in their with them. I know how many times one or both of my sisters where on my lap while I was going bathroom. Their about 3 yrs apart. And ya don't get privacy when girls are preteens either as they want girl talk while you use facitlies when oldest sister. 6-8 is glorious few yrs of pee privacy. 5 yr olds ya never know what they will do some days leave ya alone other days clinging.

    I also slept with whirl wind sleeper for couple yrs suprised she never broke my rios ya know child who mise well be doing karate in their sleep.