Birth Due Date Theory

You've heard of the Birth Order Theory, which is the idea that birth order has a significant impact on personality. It's one of those concepts that I never thought was true, until I had my own kids.

But we have another idea -- the Birth Due Date Theory. This is the concept that when a child was born relative to his or her due date is related to his or her personality. (I'm not implying causation, but here might be.)

Is it true? Well, it seems to be true for our kids:
  1. Hannah was born 9 days late. Nowadays, she can be pretty pokey, taking her time and getting distracted by her own creative thoughts. She's rarely in a rush, much to the chagrin of her Type A parents.
  2. Elijah was born exactly on his due date. Today, he is precise in his thinking, and (to a fault) in how he corrects others. He wants things to be done in a specific way, so we have to be careful in giving clear and complete instructions. He gets his stuff done, and moves on.
  3. Sender was born 5 days early, on December 23. He didn't want to miss the excitement of Christmas. Now, he is constantly full-speed, and is a walking and talking party. He is always up for a talent show and any other form of entertainment.
What about your kids? Do you see a correlation between being their being born early/on-time/late and their personality?


  1. YES! at our house for sure. michael (9) and classic first born in many ways (having his OWN ideas and thinking they are good) was born on his due date...was crazy active in the womb...and hasnt stopped since.(not real scholarly...too busy experiencing life to slow down) daniel (7) was 13 days late, hardly moved at all in the womb and is very content to "lay around" and is extremely smart and likes to read. gracyn (5) was 12 days late and is very "go with the flow". luke (almost 3) was 9 days late and is pretty even keel too. i would say in our family, the most noticeable due date/birthdate/personality is with michael. all the others, while born late, are really just pretty laid back tempermants for the most part. we just had lots of "campers" in the womb. hey, whats the rush? haha

  2. Thanks, Shelley. Wow! You really did have some no-rush babies.

    And for another example, I got this Tweet from another friend:

    @EspinosaJoey yes KG was induced by two wks for reasons you are aware. She is full speed all of the time, has zero stranger danger, outgoing

  3. meg was a scheduled c-section for november 3 but, decided to come on halloween. she's been trying to call the shots ever since.

  4. Apparently, she doesn't know that she's up against a mom that is far more stubborn.