The Logic of Lying

Dear Children of All Ages --

I have some advice for you -- those of you who want to break some rules (or bend them, depending on your perspective), especially if you want to couple that with outright lying.

We can debate whether what you did was outright wrong (my perspective) or a misunderstanding (your perspective). We may not get anywhere there (though I had already addressed a parallel issue two months ago).

But if you are going to claim that you did nothing wrong (to the best of your knowledge), do not tell a bold-faced lie to cover up what you and your accomplice(s) did. If you did nothing wrong, why would you need to lie about it?

So, either you did something wrong and you knew it, or you were innocent but then did wrong by lying. You can't be innocent of both counts.

Busted, and busted again.

Logically Yours,
--  Me

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