Thoughts Askew

I love looking through the quarterly Furman Alumni magazine, especially when I read about someone I went to school with, such as the friend who is now a astrophysicist (never knew one in real life, before her) or my former chemistry lab partner that joined the Peace Corps.

Sometimes, though, the stories aren't so happy. Such is the case with Major Ken Dwyer (I'll always know him as "Kenny"). We came in as freshman together, and as a ROTC member, he was always in top-notch shape. He probably enjoyed games of sand volleyball more than hours in the library, but can you blame him?

A few years ago, however, he was severely injured while serving in Afghanistan. Injured as in losing an eye and an arm. This husband, and father of 2 kids, has had his life changed completely. But the trauma would have been worse if not for the support and help of the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

In honor of Kenny, another Furman classmate, Alastair McCandless, is walking across America to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Foundation. You can learn more about his journey on his blog, Thoughts Askew.

You can help by donating to the project, by encouraging him with a blog comment, or by just praying for his journey, and by praying for Major Dwyer and his family.

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