More on Baptism

I have written a handful of posts about children and baptism, including:
I believe that baptism is a critical part of the spiritual formation of a child (or an adult, for that matter). It's not the ultimate goal, but a part of the process of following Jesus.

I also have believed that a person should only be baptized after becoming a professing believer in Jesus. But I've been strict -- maybe too strict, and not always for the right reasons -- on what it means to be a professing believer in Jesus. It's a fine line to walk, especially since I carry a weight of responsibility for my children.

That's why I've been thankful for a couple of recent articles by Justin Taylor, writing for The Gospel Coalition. These have solidified some parts of what I've believed, and challenged other parts. But as a whole, they have helped me understand the grace and power contained in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  1.  The Fear of Baptizing Children.  This article addresses what I refer to above as "not always for the right reasons." Instead of being motivated by hope, joy, and expectation, I am often hindered by my own fear and lack of faith. By restricting my son who wants to be baptized, have I -- as Julian Freeman puts it -- suffocated him?
  2. Once More on the Baptism of Children.  Justin gives a few more resources to help the reader in this process.

I hope you enjoy these as well.

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