A Sometimes Napper

More often than not, Sender (age 5+) does not nap. He does have rest time, though, just about every day.

He stays in his bed (supposedly) for 90 minutes or so. Usually we give him books, or sometimes he just plays with stuffed animals or other small toys. The only reason he's allowed to get up is if he needs to go to the bathroom.

Of course, he uses "going to the bathroom" as a way to get up multiple times during this rest time. Either he's manipulative, or he has severe bladder issues.

As I said, sometimes he falls asleep. Mostly he stays awake and plays. And every now and then, he'll stay awake (and play and get up to go to the bathroom), but will fall asleep just minutes before we planned to allow him to get up.

And sometimes he falls asleep having outlined himself with some of those stuffed animals. . . .

And sometimes, even though it's 88 degrees in the house, he bundles himself up with 3 warm blankets. . . .

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