Favorite Tweets for February

It's been a busy month.
This month, based on a suggestion from a friend, I'm not only going to list my own tweets (oh, vanity!), but my favorite tweets from others.

I'll start with great tweets from others:
  1. @JamieTVWM:  I told my kids to go outside for an hour. They're acting like I told them to move out to the woods for a year.
  2. @kevinbglenn:  "Your theology of heaven is displayed by how you spend your time and your money." Matt Williams
  3. @kellyoxford:  I just google searched the word "askew" and I would be a full on 100% jerk if I didn't tell you guys to go waste a few seconds and try it.
  4. @PlattDavid:  Prosperity theology wrongly exalts God's gifts (things we receive from God) above God's glory (the treasure we have in God) 
  5. @epicparent:  "The problem with children is that you have to put up with their parents." ~Charles DeLint
  6. @DanDAlberto:  "I'll never, ever accept the idea that triviality, mediocrity, and futility are appropriate goals for any human being." -  

Now, some mediocre tweets from yours truly:
  1. Best part of kids going to bed = being able to play the "inappropriate" songs with my wife on Just Dance 3.
  2. "Don't use busyness as an excuse to avoid what God really wants for you." Mike Chibbaro
  3. Are diet soft drinks bad for you? // I'm going back to regular Dr Pepper
  4. "The call to follow Jesus is a call to surrender all." Larry Sizemore, Fairfax Baptist Church
  5. "The central point of the kingdom of Jesus Christ is a personal relationship with Him, not public usefulness to others." Oswald Chambers 
  6. We can't fall in love with what we're doing & our successes. We need to fall in love with Jesus. Bill White
  7. If I'm burned out & exhausted, it might not be because I'm working too hard for Jesus, but working too hard for others or for my own ego. 
  8. At rest time, my 5-year-old decided to remove his clothes & put them on backwards, including his underwear.  
  9. Took a 25 minute detour from teaching chemistry to explain to my class that their true identity is not based on their gifts or performance.

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