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Thirteen years ago this month, Joanna and I started dating. How little did we know back then! If we had known how complicated things were going to be, we might have run scared! But God has been gracious to continually draw us closer to Him, and to each other.

Are you married? Here are some articles that could give you some great things to think about.

A Picture-Perfect Marriage. Tim Challies begins a series on marriage by focusing on the end of the story. In order to know what our marriage should look like now, we need to have a picture of what it should look like in the end.

How Differences with Your Spouse Can Make Your Marriage Stronger.  Michael Hyatt advises us to identify, acknowledge, and leverage our differences. 

Beware of These Marriage Killers.  "Dr. Gottman’s research clearly demonstrates that conflict is not the cause of unhappy marriages—happy and unhappy couples fight about the same things. How conflict is handled is what makes the difference between a disaster or master marriage. Most couples wait for six years after they know their relationship is in serious trouble before they seek counseling."

Why the World Is Wrong About Marriage. Jen Smidt compares "Good Advice" from the culture with the Good News from God.

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