Saturday Round-Up (September 3)

Had a bunch of great articles I read this week. Whittled it down to these few:

Raising Writers in Four Simple Steps.  Use personal experience. Keep it focused. Be specific. Teach revision.

How Dutch Women Got to Be the Happiest in the World.  Around 75% of women in Holland work part-time, whether married or single, kids or no kids. The desire for a fulfilling life doesn't not mean you have to climb the corporate latter.

Kids with Tourette Syndrome.  An excellent overview of this disorder.

Parents' Stress Leaves Lasting Marks on Children's Genes.  I linked to an article last week how stress affects your DNA. Turns out it can affect the DNA of your kids, too, and not in a good way.

The 6 Ways You'll See Your Dad.  Will my kids view me this way?

Developing Healthy Body Image.  Parents play a big role in how their daughters view their bodies. We have to be mindful of the attitudes that we portray.

Studies Question Effectiveness of Sex Offender Laws.  I, too, have lots of problems with these laws. But that's another discussion.

7 Sure-Fire Way to Make Kids Feel Welcome in Church.  Very handy tips from Sam Luce.

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