Blog Playoffs - Round 1

As I explained in the last post, here's your chance to let me know your favorite blog post and to win $40 of stuff from Here's what you need to do:
  1. Vote on your favorite post in each pair, using the poll to the right. If you need to, you can click the links to read (or re-read) that article. You vote on each match-up.
  2. Share any post (not just the ones listed here), whether on this blog or on Mission: Allendale.
  3. Leave a comment here explaining which post your shared and how you shared it. (Be sure I have your full name and/or contact info! If I can't contact you, you can't win.) 
**Note: If you don't want (or don't know how) to log in, just leave your full name in the comments, and post it as "Anonymous." If I don't have your contact info you can email it to me.

Every week you do this is one entry for the drawing. On with the games!

    Game 1: Practical Theology

    Game 2: Education & Culture

    Game 3: Gospel Parenting

    Game 4: Parenting Struggles

    Thanks for taking part! Voting will end on Sunday at 9PM (EST).


    1. I shared "Why Public School". As a public school counselor, I think it is important for children to be around children who are different than themselves. It is especially important to have discussions with your kids about how to respond biblically to these differences.


    2. I emailed Game 3 posts to my bff b/c we have had numerous discussions abt to do or not to do Santa!

    3. I voted. I shared on FB. And my comment: I shared the Biblical v Gospel Parenting link because it was very pertinent to the attitudes we've had in the house with our new routine and Ryan working a lot. I just want kids to behave so it's easier on me; instead, I need to use their trials to help expose their sin and lead them to Jesus. Good reminder for me right now!

    4. I shared the "New Mom" post with my friend who is a new mom, and having a kind of tough time. I sent her a message on facebook with the link. Thanks!! I've shared a lot of these articles on our parents newsletter too!