BCS: Blog Championship Series

Every year, college football fans debate the merits of the current bowl system, versus playoffs.

Though not nearly on the same scale of popularity (though we will reach 20,000 visits on this blog since I launched it last fall), we could have the same debate about this blog. So, we are going to determine which is the favorite blog post.

With the help of my analytics software, I've determined the top 8 posts (not counting the About Me and Mission: Allendale pages, which were in the top 5 for hits).

I'll pair them off over the next three weeks, and you get to vote on your favorite.

And there will be a prize! No, not the $18 million payout for the BCS bowl games. I will be giving away $40 worth of merchandise (your choice) from Amazon.com. (The $40 includes shipping costs, if any.) Here's how you can win:
  1. Vote on your favorite posts for that week.
  2. Share any post on this blog or Mission: Allendale. The buttons under each post make it easy to share by email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It could be a post in these playoffs, or any one of your choosing.
  3. Leave a comment saying which post you shared and how you shared it. For example, you could write "Shared Biblical Parenting vs Gospel Parenting on Facebook" or "Tweeted the post on 10 Reasons Allendale is Better Than Where You Live." 
  4. Be sure I have your name/and or contact info. If I don't have it, you can email it to me. If I don't have this, you can't win.
It's that simple. Just vote, share, and comment. Each week that you do this over the next three gives you once entry to the final drawing.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Let the games begin!
  1. Round 1 
  2. Round 2: Semifinals 
  3. Round 3: Finals 
  4. And the Winner Is . . . 

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