Saturday Round-Up (August 26)

Last week's posts were in alphabetical order by title. Today's are alphabetical by the source's website.

Lose with Dignity. The first of a 2-part series about how to handle yourself whether in victory or defeat.

Where's My Older Woman?.  When we read or hear teaching about mentorship, we ask God to bring mentors in our lives. But maybe we should focus more on who we can pour into.

Johnny Cash, "Hurt".  Great analysis of Cash's video of "Hurt" - with the focus on the realization of the brevity of life and vanity of fame. Here's the video:

Teaching the Trinity to Kids.   I am a big fan of explaining theology to kids. But when it comes to hard topics, like the Trinity, the temptation is to utilize silly (or even heretical) analogies. Sometimes, we just need to teach the foundations without trying to make everything make sense to them. 

Toxicity of Aromatase Inhibitors.  This article may not make much sense to you, but it's related to what I did my Master's Degree work on. As you can imagine, when people ask what I researched, I would simply say "breast cancer research."

Parenting By Prayer. Reading this was convicting for me. Usually I am so focused on my own skills in getting to my kids' hearts, that I fail to cry out to the One who can actually change their hearts.

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Stress Turns Your Hair Gray.  What stress does to your body is not just a temporary setback in your health. It actually causes permanent damage to your DNA.

6 Steps to Building a Team (Like Jesus Did).  Jesus seemed to break all the rules when it came to team-building, like choosing uneducated nobodies and giving impossible tasks. We must even expect success, failure, and betrayal.

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