Saturday Round-Up (August 20)

For those who have (or are) kids, I hope you had a good first week of school! And because it's the first week of school, I put these in alphabetical order by title. Yay, me.

Complex Choices in Medicare Advantage Program May Overwhelm Seniors.  When looking to set up programs to help others, we need to be sure to focus on the real need. What may be a great idea for one group of people may be detrimental for others.

Early Childhood Allergies.  Researchers have identified a protein that may influence how susceptible children are to multiple allergic diseases, such as hay fever, food allergies, and eczema. This discovery may lead to future treatments that could slow down or eliminate "allergic march" -- the gradual acquisition of allergic diseases.

Generational Conflict in Ministry.  In ministry (and in life), there are often disagreements and tensions that arise from each person's experiences, perspectives, and skills, even when the ultimate goal is the same. This is a good reminder of the importance to reach out, to listen, and to build relationships. You can also see this article on Tradition vs. Traditionalism.

How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver in 6 Different Situations.  Make sure you check this out. One day, you might need to save someone else's life. Or your own. Or your dog's.

Nothing going on here. Just a man giving his dog the Heimlich.

The 'Absurd' Debate About Length of School Year.  Instead of simple, cut-and-dry fixes, we need to make sure we are doing what students really need. But of course, the other side of the coin is that it is essentially impossible to tailor education to each child's wants and needs.

Why Joni Erickson Tada Wants to Bring Her Wheelchair to Heaven.  I'm sharing this story because it's an amazing testimony to someone who is completely trusting in God. And also to brag that I once wrote an newsletter article that was printed opposite one that she wrote. I'm kinda' famous.

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