Intern in Allendale: End of a Season

Wes, Hannah, and the Espinosas
We were so thankful for the the two interns from Grace Church who lived in Allendale this summer. Hannah Swoap and Wes Johnson spent 11 and 8 weeks, respectively, pouring into the community here, including the after school program.

You should read the final post from Wes, The End of a Season, to get a summary of how God blessed him with this experience. He had the opportunity to grow, and to see others grow.

Here are some of my favorite parts of this article:
  • How he benefited from hanging out with Frank Lewis.
  • Travis realizing that his life is not all about him.
  • Gerome discovering his passion and skills for working with kids.
  • Joanna and I being encouraged by what he wrote about us (though he is far too gracious).

[Note: You can read this post on the new blog -- Mission: Allendale.]

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