Saturday Round-Up (August 13)

Only a few this week. Was on vacation, including 4 different parts of the state in less than a week.

Malicious Book Reviews. An author was awarded monetary compensation after receiving a malicious book review. Since I've done some book reviews (including Shepherding a Child's Heart, Parenting By the Book, Hints on Child Training, and Read and Share Storybook Bible) and I plan to do more, I should be careful, huh?

Real Men Repent.  "My entire life I battled sin, and I always came up on the losing end. When I placed my faith in Jesus Christ and through the repentance of my sins, I received the mercy of God and acceptance as his son."

China's Puzzling Flat Line.  The GDP in China has tripled in the past 12 years, but their citizens don't rate their lives as being any better.

The Wrong Body Language. Helpful hints for communicating well with others. 

Social Class as Culture. What social class you are in is more than just how much money you have. "People from lower classes have fundamentally different ways of thinking about the world than people in upper classes -- a fact that should figure into debates on public policy, according to the authors." This is similar to the case I made in Love Them Into the Middle Class.

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