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I came across a series by Cody Kimmel a few months ago, on the topic of parenting in a postmodern and pluralistic culture. He helpfully defines these terms for folks like me:
  • Postmodernism = a rejection of big and exclusive value systems and beliefs
  • Pluralism = the belief that there are many and equally-valid ways to live

When Christian parents have seen these obviously anti-biblical worldviews in the culture, they could respond in a number of ways:
  1. Insulation and Escape
  2. Attack and Demonize
  3. Ignore 
  4. Embrace
These responses neither work nor present an opportunity for the gospel to be brought to the table. Instead, we need to show them that Christianity works.

Kimmel also wrote about three big aspects of the language of postmodernism, as an aid to help parents communicate with their kids.
  1. "Because I Said So!" Really Won't Work. The Bible is clear that parents are the authority, but postmodern thought rejects this as too exclusive and harsh. But, "the postmodern generation doesn't reject authority because they flat out hate it, [but] because they don't trust it."
  2. The Online World is an Extension of their Social World. "When we [parents] use the internet, we are generally seeking information. . . . When our kids online, they are generally seeking interaction."
  3. Heightened Sensitivity to Minority Groups. Voices that were once silent, oppressed, misunderstand now have a platform on TV and online. While the hyper-sensitivity to minority groups can be taken too far, being sensitive to the voiceless and minorities is a good thing. When our children want to recycle, or befriend someone with two dads, we should "recognize the compassion growing in them." After all, Jesus also spent much of His time with the outcasts of society.

I encourage you to read each of these articles, as I'm sure you'll find them helpful.

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