Education Articles for First Week of School

For most students in South Carolina, school is starting back this week. Here are a few links to articles related to education that seemed pertinent.

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Rigor Redefined. What do students need for success in the 21st century? Not mere memorization and regurgitation of data, but the ability to ask questions, work as a team, analyze complex problems, and propose multiple solutions.

Money for SC to Go Elsewhere. South Carolina was offered $144 million to go to public schools, as part of last August's federal bailout (nationwide package totaling $10 billion). We're the only state to not accept this money, but we apparently don't even qualify to receive it, because of state cuts to colleges. I'm torn on this issue. On one hand, I do agree that we need less federal intrusion; on the other hand, even if Allendale received only 1% of the money, that would be about 10% of the district's budget. And while I agree that if we turn it down, it would be nice for that money to be applied towards national debt, it would actually be divided up amongst the rest of the country. I guess there are no simple answers anymore.

Overriding a Key Education Law. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is working to override the central component of No Child Left Behind. The NCLB law, signed by Bush in 2002, requires increasing percentages of students be proficient in reading and math each year. Sounds good, right? Except who where the IDIOT lawmakers that said that 100% of students had to be proficient by 2014? Probably someone who never taught in a classroom. 

A Change in Perspective Could Be All It Takes to Succeed in School. The stress-released hormone cortisol can either contribute to a students success or failure in math. The difference can be as simple as what frame of mind the student is in when he enters into that stress.

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