5 Awesomest School Supplies of All Time

5. Colored Paper Clips. I like to peel off the rubber coating. Just because.

4. Calculator Watch. Never had one, but that's OK. You had to have microscopic fingertips to operate it.

3. Scratch 'n Sniff Stickers. Technically not a school necessity, if you're a parent. But awesome for kids. Except for the skunk. That's just evil.

2. Washable Markers. As a parent, I only appreciate this now.

1. Trapper Keeper. Hands-down winner.

What other ones can you add?


  1. My favorite was always the crayons. I love a new box of crayons with their perfect tips. So much potential in that box. I remember when my 1st grade teacher handed me a new box of jumbo Prang crayons (yes, the SCHOOL gave out the supplies back then - Alabama, 1979). I remember how they smelled and felt in my hand. I'm the same way with Sharpies, esp. the colored Sharpies. I don't share those with the kids.

  2. Wow. You were easy to please. :)

    Just in case people missed it, I'll share some things people wrote when I shared this on Facebook:
    -- Metallic Character Lunchbox
    -- Thermos (that stayed a bit musty)
    -- Members Only Jacket

  3. I love engineering note paper, pentel p205 and staedler mechanical pencils, and drafting scales!