Poll: How Much Do You Give?

Recently, I've commented on several charities and non-profits that we support or think are worth supporting. These include:
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This got me wondering: How much of your gross (not net) income do you donate to charity? Please take the poll to the right.

As I wrote in Why Ask for Financial Support?, I think you should consider supporting the Osborns, because of the nature and duration of their work.

Additionally, we ourselves are looking for a few more financial supporters.We have been blessed by a number of folks who have given one-time, monthly, or something in between. But a few of our monthly supporters will soon come to the end of their generous commitments. Any amount would be helpful, but I am looking to add about $200 in monthly support. This can be accomplished with about 4-10 more people who could each donate $20, $30, or $50 per month.

You can learn more about how to donate (tax-free) on our Financial Support page, or email me.

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