House Party

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Joanna and I lived in Greenville for over 11 years, in three different houses. In that time, we had 8 different out-of-town guests spend at least one night with us.

In the past 2 months in Allendale, we have had 12 out-of-town houseguests.

The difference?
  1. Need. There are not too many options of where someone could stay in Allendale.
  2. Community. We've had so many friends who eagerly desired to visit us, from three hours away.
  3. Our own hearts. God is growing our hearts to be more giving. We realize that even with the little we have, we can be generous with all that God has entrusted to us.

We have at least one more friend coming in September.  And we'd love to have more! Just let us know.

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