Answers in Genesis: What I Like and Loathe

Like with Jews for Jesus, I've donated to and received resources from Answers in Genesis on multiple occasions over the years. They have solid and helpful books for adults and kids, although some of their children's videos are (for a lack of better words) lame.

We were supporters for their Creation Museum, becoming members before construction even began. We visited the museum twice, once when it was near completion for a sneak preview, and once when it was fully operational. It's an impressive facility, and the petting zoo was a nice feature (including our kids feeding a camel). And it was during this second visit that my older son asked, "How do we know that God is real?"

For all that I like about Answers in Genesis, I do have disagreements with some of this organizations theologies and philosophies. While I do believe in a young earth, I think some of their interpretations are out of context and not exegetical. Also, as I stated in Passing on Your Faith, I disagree with their premise that many youth "fall away from the faith" because their parents and churches compromise on the subject of evolution and creationism.

So where do I go from here? More than likely, I will continue to buy books from Answers in Genesis on occasion, and may even give more donations. But part of that is because I am a science nerd, and I enjoy the pursuit of truth and scientific explanations.

I know that not everyone is as passionate about science, but if you have questions about specific topics, I recommend that you check out their selection of books.


  1. Have you read his book "Already Gone?" I haven't read it but from what I have heard its more talking about the faithlessness of our current generation and the disbelief in the sufficiency of scripture shaping the way our children view God and the Bible.

  2. No, I haven't read it. But I referenced to it in one of the links, "Passing on Your Faith."

    I think the main issue I have with the premise (as best I can figure it out without buying the book) is the attack on "the church." Also, in that same post, I argue that it's more than just knowing the truth that will make a difference. Our kids need to see the evidence/fruit of how that truth changes our lives.