Recommended: Hints on Child Training

At first, I was hesitant to read a parenting book which was originally published in 1890. I arrogantly assumed that Hints on Child Training could not speak to family life in the 21st century, at least, not for my family.

I was wrong.

Core parenting principles transcend decades and centuries. Author H.C. Trumbull, great-grandfather of Elisabeth Elliot, combines a Biblical foundation with his personal experience, along with insight from practical educators, to give us Hints on Child Training, a resource that will help shape your parenting.

Topics include:
  • Will-training (not will-breaking)
  • Training a child in self-control
  • Training a child’s faith
  • The value of table talk
  • Dealing tenderly with a child’s fears

Don’t let another century pass by before you buy this book!

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