What My 4-Year Old Son Has Been Praising God For

Drinking milk with a Twizzler
Our youngest child, Sender, really enjoys praying. He always asks to pray at meals, and if someone else prays, he likes to "tag on" extra prayers at the end. At age 4, he is at that great stage where his prayers are sweet and sincere.

Here are the most common things that he's been thanking God for lately:
  • Jesus dying on the cross
  • Food
  • That we get to see Daddy 
  • Peace
  • Sleep
  • Making the world that we get to live in

All are very important things, and all are gifts from our Lord.

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  1. I didn't know you could drink milk through a twizzler!

  2. Have to bite off some from both ends. When I was little, I like to drink Sprite using a Twizzler. Actually, I still like that.