13 Reasons My Wife Had a Great Mother's Day

How many ways did I make this Mother's Day special for Joanna?
The famous Cooter at his festival.
  1. In Allendale. That should be enough.
  2. It was a day after the Cooter Festival.
  3. Pulling out of our driveway, we saw buzzards feasting on a dead raccoon.
Read the rest of the list on the Mission: Allendale blog.


    1. My hubby surprised me before church with roses and a card then after treating us to lunch out he created space for me to take a nap and read a magazine THEN cooked dinner for us...philly cheese steaks! My kids made gifts for me that were all precious and we had a great evening being together also, since dad's had a lot of business travel lately. I will always have fond memories of this mother's day.

    2. What a great guy! Next year, he can treat you to cheese steaks at the Cooter Fest. (But I think the cheese they use is the same that they put on the nachos and cheese fries.)

    3. Someone wished me a Happy Mothers Day...that was special. :) (Actually I said, "Happy Mothers Day!" and she said, "Same to you!")