HOG Day Follow Up

We really had a good time with HOG Day. Hannah and Elijah worked with me moving books, removing old ceiling tiles, and laying sod. Hannah also disinfected toys in some nursery classrooms. They had a good time, and put in a good couple of hours worth of work.

While we were laying sod, I offered another boy that we know $1 to eat a worm that we found. He took that bet and ate a small worm. He said it was awful, and his gagging and shivering showed his displeasure as the worm wiggled down his throat. I paid up. Later I told him that he only made 90 cents, because he would need to give 10% to God. He immediately replied that he would actually only get 80 cents, since he would tithe and save. So proud of him.

The day was finished with a free lunch at Fluor Field in downtown Greenville. The total numbers: over 6800 volunteers (that's about 20,000 volunteer hours!), with over 900 of them coming from Grace Church. This opportunity was a great way for our church to engage the culture and love our city. You can read more about our views on this on the Culturally Engaged website.

The Allendale work crew (not pictured: my bodyguard)
Even more, Joe Mole and three other friends (including my bodyguard) drove up from Allendale to take part. We believe that just as folks from Grace Church have something to offer Allendale, folks from Allendale have skills and resources to bless Greenville and Grace Church.

If you want to see some great picture from HOG Day 2011, please check out the website of my friend Sabrina Lewis.

This weekend is the Cooterfest in Allendale. Not sure if our attendance there is another way to be culturally-engaged, or if it's just for plain fun. Probably both. And next weekend is the Savannah River Classic. I'm not much of a fisherman, but it is a family-friendly event, with bounce houses and food, and the proceeds will go the the Boys & Girls Club.

Anyone want to take part of the fun either of the next two weekends?

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